About Us

Alumate provides non-combustible cladding systems for exterior and interior applications of new buildings, as well as cladding replacement solutions for existing buildings to meet the requirements of fire-resistant building standards.
Our professional technical team will provide architects, designers and owners with complete product solutions from concept to design, including providing customized designs, supplying aluminium profile and sheet metal fabrication and assembly.
Our philosophy is based on the principles of quality, service, and attention to detail, to use these principles to obtain a high level of customer satisfaction.
All our cladding systems are tested, and products are certified to AS1530.1 and compliant to C1.9(e) of Part C: Fire resistance and stability of NCC 2019 – Volume 1 (National Construction Code).


In the case of ALUMATE surface damage, it can be treated according to the degree of scratching. Slight surface scratches can be simply polished, and deeper scratches can also be remedied using colour-matched touch-up paint. You can contact us on 02 9630 8388.